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Paul Decker talks about our unique, rigorous approach.

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What Was the Impact of Replacing Principals?

CHIP Improves Children's Access to Care

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Evaluating Race to the Top and School Improvement Grants

In this study of more than 500 schools, 60 districts, and all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Mathematica is conducting an implementation and impact analysis of Race To the Top and School Improvement Grants, two programs that aim to foster systematic school reform.

Facts and Findings 2014

2014 Facts and Findings

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Mathematica Overview

In this video, Mathematica Policy Research CEO and president Paul Decker gives an overview of the company's rigorous research methods.

Recent Projects

Evaluation of the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative

Mathematica and its partner, Group Health Cooperative, are evaluating the effects of CPC on cost, quality, utilization, and patient and provider experience. We are providing rapid cycle (quarterly) feedback to participating practices, CMS, and CMS’s regional partners.

PCORI Dissemination and Implementation Framework and Toolkit

Recognizing the need for strategies to accelerate the sharing of research (dissemination) and to help put it into practice (implementation), the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute commissioned the development of a Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) Framework and D&I Toolkit.

Expeditionary Learning Schools and Professional Development

Mathematica is assessing the impact of Expeditionary Learning’s (EL) Common Core State Standards curriculum and professional development model on novice English Language Arts teachers in grades 4-8. The study includes 70 schools and focuses on impacts on novice teachers and their students.

Charleston County School District Multi-Dimensional Educator Evaluation Framework and Educator Effectiveness Rating System

The Charleston County School District has been awarded a Teacher Incentive Fund grant to create a performance-based compensation system. Mathematica is designing evaluation models for both teachers and school administrators, designing and producing value-added models, and providing technical and analytic...

Recent Publications

Impacts of a Child Care Quality Rating and Improvement System on Child Care Quality

This evaluation rigorously assessed the implementation and impact of a child care Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) field test on child care quality as measured through child care quality observations and through ratings of a set of quality, education, and experience standards defined by policymakers...

What Do Quality Rating Levels Mean? Examining the Implementation of QRIS Ratings to Inform Validation

Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) provide a summary quality rating for early care and education settings. This paper presents findings from an in-depth study that examined the specification of quality standards and implementation of the rating process in five QRIS.

QRIS Research: Looking Back and Looking Forward

In this commentary, we discuss the current state of QRIS research and evaluation, expectations for the research currently under way, and aspirations for the future of QRIS research. By reviewing the types of submissions received for the special issue and addressing methodological and conceptual gaps,...

Dental Usage Under Changing Economic Conditions

This article considers differences in dental use by wealth levels across households.


CSDP Forum: Disability and Well-Being: Barriers to Improving Quality of Life for People with Disabilities

The health and well-being of people with disabilities relies on a number of factors, including access to health care, work opportunities, and social participation. This forum looked at barriers to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Trends Shaping DC Metro Area's Health Care Market

DC-area health care leaders recognize the inevitable shift from fee-for-service to value-based payment and the need for their organizations to develop population-management capabilities. Nevertheless, most hospitals are continuing to emphasize fee-for-service strategies. A new report examines market...

Expert Spotlight

Policy Issues Are Complex.

Our Approach Is Comprehensive.

Mathematica Policy Research is dedicated to improving public well-being by bringing the highest standards of quality, objectivity, and excellence to bear on information collection and analysis for our partners and clients. The company has been at the forefront of assessing the effectiveness of policies and programs since 1968. Considered an architect of social policy research, Mathematica conducted the first social policy experiment in the United States, the New Jersey Negative Income Tax Experiment, to test ways of encouraging low-income individuals to work.